Turkey confirms its continuation by striking PKK bases inside Iraqi territory

BAGHDAD, Turkey has confirmed its continuation by striking PKK bases inside Iraqi territory.

“The Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoi said in a press statement that the party is using Iraqi territory, where it has been based for many years, as a launching pad for attacks against our country. Tens of thousands of our citizens have been killed in these attacks and the activities of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK within the territory of Iraq and Syria, the issue has become a matter of national security for Turkey. “

“It should be noted that Article VII of the Iraqi Constitution obliges the Iraqi government to prevent the use of Iraqi territory a base to attack neighboring countries, he added.

He pointed out that “Turkey fulfills all the responsibilities entrusted to it within the framework of the general principles of good-neighborly relations and international cooperation in the face of terrorism in all its forms, and within this concept all forms of support for Iraq are provided for its support in the fight against terrorism, and we also expect Iraq to establish concrete cooperation within the same concept.

“The Turkish armed forces organized military operations on December 13, targeting areas in which the terrorists built their caves in the mountains of Sinjar and Qara Jagh in Iraq, during which a heavy blow was inflicted on the terrorist organization of PKK, and will continue these operations in the framework of the fight against terrorism as long as the requirements of the Turkish security requires it, and as long as the terrorist organizations build their mines inside Iraqi territory. “

The Foreign Ministry summoned yesterday the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Fatih Yildiz and handed him a memorandum of protest against the continued violation of Turkish warplanes Iraqi airspace and bombed targets inside Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency