Turkish Defense Minister warns France against “invading” the Syrian north

BAGHDAD – The Turkish Defense Minister warned of a French “invasion” of northern Syria, after stressing to representatives of Kurdish fighters during a reception in Paris, that France will strengthen its military deployment in the region.

“If France takes action along the lines of a military deployment in northern Syria, it would be an illegal measure against international law,” Minister Noureddine Ganikli told media.

The “Elysee” last Friday, said that France does not plan to carry out a new military operation in northern Syria outside the framework of the international coalition against the “Daesh” organization.

The position of the French Presidency came after the statements of Kurdish officials received in the “Elysee”, they indicated that Paris will send new troops to Menbij in northern Syria, which is controlled by Kurdish fighters.

During his meeting with Kurdish officials, French President Emmanuel Macaron called for a dialogue between Ankara and the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, whose main component is “with the help of France and the international community”.

Ankara has vehemently rejected the offer of French mediation, and Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bakr Bouzdag said that the French pledge to help stabilize a region in northern Syria was dominated by Kurdish-led forces, equivalent to supporting terrorism, and could make France “a target for Turkey.”

Turkey classifies units to protect the Kurdish people as a terrorist organization, despite their alliance with the United States to fight “Daesh” in Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency