Turkiye Warns of Enduring Conflict Amid Iran-Israel Tension

Turkiye warned on Friday that the tension between Iran and Israel can turn into a permanent and wider conflict and recalled all the relevant parties to refrain from escalatory steps.

“In light of the latest developments, it is becoming increasingly evident that the tensions that were initially caused by Israel’s illegal attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus risk turning into a permanent conflict,” read a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

It follows an Israeli attack against Iranian targets on early April 19, obviously in retaliation to the latters comprehensive drone and missile attack on April 13. As suggested by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, tension between the two rival countries flared up after Israel hit Irans embassy in Damascus and killed senior Iranian officials on April 1, the statement reads.

“We are closely monitoring the events. We call on all parties to refrain from steps that could lead to a wider conflict,” the statement reported.

Source: Qatar News Agency