Two US officials: Israel has launched attacks in Iraq in recent days

BAGHDAD Israel has carried out several strikes in Iraq over the past few days on ammunition depots for Iranian-backed groups in Iraq, a Middle East intelligence official said on Thursday, saying it had launched an air strike on a weapons cache Last month.

The report followed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion on Thursday that his country was working against Iran on several fronts, which some interpreted as a reference to recent attacks in Iraq.

Questions have been raised about who is behind a series of mysterious explosions that have hit militia bases in Iraq in recent times.

Media speculation and officials ranged from a number of potential perpetrators, including Israel, ISIS fighters, or rival Iraqi factions.

An Iraqi human rights committee concluded that a drone caused the explosion on August 12 at the / Saqr/ Falcon military base and caused a massive fire.

The New York Times said in a report released on Thursday evening that Israel was responsible for an attack on an armory in Iraq on July 19, referring to the targeting of a base in Amerli in northern Iraq, which killed two Iranians and a major fire.

The intelligence official, interviewed by the New York Times, said last month’s attack targeted a base used by Iranian Revolutionary Guards to transport weapons to Syria.

The raid was launched from inside Iraqi territory, destroying a shipment of guided missiles with a range of 120 miles each.

The newspaper pointed out that the latest Israeli attacks were launched on Monday at the Balad base in Salah al-Din province north of Baghdad, by Katyusha rockets, mortars and bombs.

The New York Times saw the July 19 attack as the first Israeli attack in Iraq in nearly four decades.

The newspaper said that Israel with this attack would have expanded its military campaign against Iranian targets in Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency