UAE a keynote speaker at World Environment Conference in Prague

Ajman: The UAE has participated as a keynote speaker at the World Environment Conference entitled “Environmental Economics in Politics and International Relations”, which was held in the Czech capital, Prague.

The UAE presented a work paper in the inaugural session on “the active role of UAE in advancing and developing the environmental technology”.

Dr. Riyadh Hamid al-Dabbagh, adviser of the Institute for Environment, Water and Energy, Ajman University of Science and Technology, presented scientific research on “the active role of the United Arab Emirates in advancing and developing the environmental technology.” He emphasised that the UAE is one of the largest producers and exporters of oil and gas in the world, indicating that the exploitable oil reserve is about 100 billion barrel, the third largest oil reserves in the world, while the total exploitable gas reserve is about 6 billion cubic metre, which ranks the UAE fourth worldwide in this field.

He added that despite huge oil and gas reserves, the UAE has been conducting research and investment in non traditional energy sources due to its responsibility to provide energy sources to future generations. al-Dabbagh cited Masdar City, one of the national strategic projects, which has long term economic, political and social dimensions.

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