UAE an international model for innovation, says former Mexican President

DUBAI, Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico and President of Centro Fox, has said that the UAE is an important international model for adopting innovation and modern technologies, to raise its performance and strengthen its competitiveness.

He made this statement while speaking at a special session during the second Global Business Forum on Latin America 2018, which is about Latin America’s stature and the global economy.

He explained that strong relations must exist between countries to achieve mutual growth while considering the forum as an important platform to discuss future relations.

“We must change our thinking and consider the tax economies of Latin American countries to compete internationally. We must also exchange knowledge and expertise and must be prepared. In Mexico, we are working on extending our bridges with the UAE and other countries, to find new ways of building long-term relations,” Fox added.

“It is wrong to deal with one economy, and Mexico is working to diversify its economy, and it will work on creating ideas so Mexico will have other options. During the coming years, the world will witness this change,” he continued.

Fox affirmed that Mexico has built strong relations with the United States and Canada, which must continue and overcome their current challenges while further stressing that there are major companies in Mexico that have enabled it to become a centre of car manufacturing, which is also reflected in other areas, not only in Mexico but also in other Latin American countries.

“The Mexican economy must expand its businesses and become an important continental and international economic power while also relying on entrepreneurship as an important tool to achieve its goals,” he concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency