UAE Armed Forces continues clearing landmines in Yemen’s western coast

WESTERN COAST, Yemen, The UAE Armed Forces demining teams have cleared western coast of Yemen as part of the continuous operations to clear landmines in different areas to protect the lives of the people there.

Teams of the UAE Armed Forces and the Arab Coalition have collected and detonated mines, rockets, missiles and projectiles, and improvised explosive devices in a safe area. These landmines were planted by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias to target civilians, and the Emirates News Agency, WAM, has been monitoring the demining operation and disposal of mines.

The types of mines planted by Houthis vary, with some of them being handmade in the form of rocks planted in mountainous area and in the form of sand blocks as well as other different types of mines in other areas.

The Houthis deliberately plant mines and improvised explosive devices on roads, houses and farms from areas where they are expelled without regard to civilians, children, young people, women and the elderly.

The landmines have killed hundreds of Yemenis including youth, women, children and the elderly, and inflicted permanent disabilities to others. Many children who have become the victims of these mines have had their hands and feet amputated. Many have also lost their families.

The people of the area thanked the UAE and the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for carrying out this difficult and dangerous task in order to provide security and safety to the Yemenis and alleviate their pain. They said it was the best example of sacrifice, loyalty and giving.

“The mines of Iranian backed-Houthi militia have caused great suffering to many Yemenis who lost their families and their source of livelihood because of their permanent disabilities,” they said.

They also wished that the entire territory of Yemen will be cleared of the Houthi militia.

Source: Emirates News Agency