UAE clicks Government in keeping with the times: Gulf News

ABU DHABI: A UAE paper has said that Government will drive the citizens of the UAE to a new phase where efficiency will be the operating principle. “We live in a world that accords services and information an ‘anywhere and anytime’ status, thanks to technology that has rearranged all thought processes to do with progress and dissemination of knowledge. Technology is also asking for a reassessment of the traditional relationship between governance and people, as the expectations of the latter in how they will be provided services and information has undergone a tectonic shift with mobile penetration in societies reaching unprecedented levels. This has been the single biggest catalyst of our times that has led to tremendous changes in the way societies are reshaping their attitudes across the board,” the Gulf News said. In its today’s editorial comment the paper wrote that the shift from an Government to an Government, therefore, is an inevitability and the UAE’s full-fledged move towards it is underlined by speed and planning.

By May 2015, all government departments will operate in consonance with the mobile era by providing a one-stop store that will house all apps to do with various government services and enable all transactions through a single log-in. As governance goes, this is of the highest standard and the citizens of the UAE are set to enter a new phase where efficiency will be the operating principle, according to the paper. The Government model, as has been proven elsewhere in the world, leads to better services for citizens, reduced costs, increased efficiency and accessibility for a larger number of people. The idea of mobility, as exemplified by today’s individual with his smart gadgets, implies a continual resurgence of purpose and an Government, by becoming an important element of this resurgence, is in accordance with that purpose.