UAE-UK’s deep historic ties can evolve to become an alliance for the future : Abdullah bin Zayed

Abu Dhabi: Speaking at the end of the two-day visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron, H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, has spoken about the significance of the trip and its importance to the continued strengthening of the bi-lateral relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

In thanking Mr Cameron for his visit, H.H. commented: “The Prime Minister’s visit is further recognition of the vast potential for the bi-lateral relationship at every level. There is clearly a common sentiment that our deep historic ties can evolve to become an alliance for the future that continuously benefits both countries. Ours can be a partnership based on the closest possible political, economic, and defence collaboration.” Mr Cameron’s visit included several significant meetings with groups of senior UK and UAE business leaders, revealing a common ambition for increased commercial engagement and associated mutual economic development.

Sheikh Abdullah commented: “There is incredible potential for existing collaboration to act as a basis for much broader industrial partnerships and commercial initiatives. With both government’s actively committed, it is up to both business communities to seize the opportunities at hand.” The economic relationship between the UAE and the UK is strong, delivering ?9.6bn worth of trade in 2011, making the UAE the UK’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa.

The UK Prime Minister’s visit to Zayed University acknowledged the strong education ties that exist between the UAE and the UK and the shared belief in the societal benefits of investing in advanced and thriving education systems. The high number of female students who participated in the forum reflects the significant uptake in and engagement with educational opportunities by women in the UAE. Strong female participation in education is a manifestation of the UAE’s wider policies to empower women in all facets of society Sheikh Abdullah said: “The Prime Minister’s Zayed University visit was something I know was enjoyed by all who were involved.

The chance for our students to engage candidly with a World Statesman is a rare and empowering opportunity and one that wonderfully exemplifies the benefits of promoting mutual understanding in both of our countries.” Our respective education systems hold the key to the future strength and further growth of our bi-lateral relationship. Both governments are invested in seeing graduates in both countries with the ambition, creativity and drive to fulfil the potential and associated rewards that continued collaboration can deliver.

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