UAE University introduces BSc Aerospace Engineering programme

ALAIN, The College of Engineering at the United Arab Emirates University, UAEU, has announced it now offers a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, with 69 students already enrolled in the programme this semester.

This new academically accredited programme will keep pace with the latest scientific requirements, technological and cognitive developments for the future of the aviation industry and the labour market in the country, UAEU said in a statement on Wednesday.

Prof. Mohammed Younis, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, said the study plan consists of many courses: propulsion, design of space engines, space missions, and space applications. The plan also includes engineering of organisation and operation of airports, in addition to operating mechanics engineering and aerodynamics, dynamics of engines and movement, manufacturing materials, modern designs, structures and parts of aircraft. It will also expand on scientific and theoretical research in the field of aviation.

“UAEU provides a distinctive scientific and educational environment, as the college has three laboratories specialised in the aerospace engineering programme,” he noted.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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