UAE University listed in the Leiden Ranking ‎

AL AIN, UAE University has been listed in this ‎year’s release of the 2021 Leiden Ranking, which lists the world’s top ‎universities according to a variety of ‎indicators chosen by the user, thereby ‎producing multiple different rankings.

UAE ‎University is the leading national ‎institution on international collaborative ‎research publications (82 percent), the ‎proportion of papers published in open ‎access journals (50 percent).

The Leiden Ranking ‎also includes a listing of authors by gender ‎where UAEU is now the second highest ‎ranked institution among GCC universities ‎on the proportion of female authored ‎papers.‎ The Leiden Ranking offers important ‎insights into the scientific performance of ‎over 1,200 major universities worldwide ‎using advanced bibliometric indicators.


Source: Emirates News Agency