UAE’s EAST to host ICG meeting in 2013

DUBAI: The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) will be hosting the 8th meeting of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) in November 2013 in the UAE.

The ICG was established in 2005 in Vienna, Austria, on a voluntary basis as an informal body for the purpose of promoting cooperation, as appropriate, on matters of mutual interest related to civil satellite-based positioning, navigation, timing, and value-added services, as well as compatibility and interoperability among the GNSS systems.

“As a member of the ICG, EIAST is proud to have received the opportunity to host the next ICG meeting. Having signed several government level agreements on cooperation in the fields of navigation, EIAST is keen to explore this field further,” said His Excellency Ahmed Al Mansoori, Director General of EIAST.

The seventh meeting of the ICG (ICG-7) was held from November 5-9 2012, in China. The group encourages consultations among ICG members for the benefit of global navigation satellite systems users and their service needs; to achieve compatibility and strive for interoperability among the systems. It also works to help developing countries integrate satellite positioning, navigation and timing services into their infrastructures.

“As the driving force behind an advanced space programme that will contribute to scientific and technological developments to enhance the fast economical and industrial growth in Dubai and UAE, EIAST is excited to be part of the ICG and its programmes. ICG 2013 will be an excellent opportunity to look at global navigation satellite systems in the context of the UAE’s strategic plans,” said Salem Al Marri, Head of Marketing and International Affairs at EIAST.

“The ICG provides a perfect platform to review and discuss developments in global navigation satellite systems and allow ICG members to address recent developments in their organizations with regard to GNSS services and applications,” said Omran Sharaf, Director of Space Image and Analysis Department.

ICG participation is open to all countries and entities that are either GNSS providers or users of GNSS services, and are interested and willing to actively engage in ICG activities.

They include system providers, international governmental organizations and international non-governmental organizations. The ICG-7 meeting included plenary session discussions, Providers’ Forum discussions and Working Groups meetings.

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