UAE’s re-export trade amounted to AED467.5 bn in 2020

ABU DHABI, The UAE’s entrepot trade amounted to AED467.5 bn in 2020 despite the ongoing economic slowdown in direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC).

The re-export market accounts for 46.5 percent of the total re-exports and exports of commodities and services in 2020, which are valued at AED1.003 trillion. They comprise 54.3 percent of the total commodity imports, which stood at AED860.1 bn in the same year, therefore proving the UAE remains the leading entrepot, warehouse and distribution country in the region.

According to the statistics, the total value of re-export trade in 2018 stood at around AED521 bn, or 44.2 percent of total re-exports and exports of products and services. In 2019 they were valued at AED516.5 bn, or 44.8 percent of total commodity exports and re-exports.


Source: Emirates News Agency