UAEU holds youth panel at COP28 discussing role of culture in shaping sustainable cities

During its participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28), UAE University (UAEU) organised a youth panel discussion entitled ‘Impact of Cultural Indicators on Shaping Inclusive, Creative and Sustainable Cities’.

The panel comes in line with the strategic plans of the UAE aimed at confronting climate change and the UAEU’s efforts to raise culture and environmental awareness to serve society, and establish a generation that understands the importance of the concept of sustainability in various fields and aspects of life.

In the presence of a wide range of interested people, experts, specialists, relevant authorities, faculty members and students, the panel was held in the Green Zone, in Expo City Dubai.

Dr. Ali Al Ahbabi, Director of the Emirates Centre for Public Policy and Leadership, explained, ‘This panel discussion aims to explore how cultural indicators influence the development of inclusive, creative and sustainable cities, through the use of cultural measures an
d data-based insights. This panel discussion also seeks to contribute to the formation of understanding about creating cities that are not only sustainable, but also diverse and culturally rich.’

The participants in the panel discussion also addressed a number of topics, such as how to understand cultural indicators by stimulating an open dialogue about sustainable urban growth and cultural diversity. This highlights the essential role of culture not only in shaping vibrant and resilient cities, but also in promoting innovative approaches to overcoming contemporary urban challenges.

The participants also discussed the importance of urban sustainability in modern cities as a priority for the development of cities and achieving comprehensive development.

Source: Emirates News Agency