UAEU launches Aerospace Engineering Program supported by Mubadala

ABU DHABI: The Engineering Collage at the UAE University celebrated the launch of the Aerospace Engineering Program under the Mechanical Engineering Department as the first sub program the collage launches, supported and financed by Mubadala Aerospace, Communications Technology ‘&’ Defense Services. The Chief Executive Officer for Mubadala Aerospace Homaid Al Shemmari, Mohamed Albaili, the University Deputy Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs, Professor Reyadh Abdel Latif Almehaideb, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, Professor Amr S. El-Dieb, Dean College of Engineering, attended the ceremony, in addition to faculty and management staff and students.

During the ceremony Dr. Albaili conveyed the greetings and congratulations of Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, University Vice Chancellor, for this important scientific step, stressing the important strategic partnership connecting the University with the Mubadala Aerospace company, supporting aerospace industry and preparing qualified national staffs that are able to lead this vital field.

Hameed Ashammarui said that Mubadala Aerospace seeks, through the joint cooperation agreement with the UAE University signed in (2012), to train, develop and support the University students so that the graduates shall have important positions and functions in the company, and that the UAE has a clear vision and strategy based on global aviation leadership and global standing in the aircraft industry and this is achieved through the company and its affiliates.

Dr. Salah Al Omari, head of the and Mechanical Engineering in the College, said that the students can register in the program within the last two academic years so as to completing (18) hours to receive the certificate of the program, (9) hours of which are joint between the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering and (9) for aviation exclusively.

He also added that the results of the questionnaire conducted prior to initiating the launch of the program demonstrated positive and encouraging feedback from the students, with the first semester seeing the registration of 27 male and female students and 40 in the second semester, the indicators suggest growing numbers of students wishing to register in the program.