UAQ Archaeology and Heritage Department begins excavating new archaeological site

UMM AL QAIWAIN, The Umm Al Qaiwain Archaeology and Heritage Department began its archaeological excavation of a new local archaeological site, known as, “Umm Al Qaiwain 36,” with the participation of the French Archaeological Mission.

Aliaa Al Ghafly, Director-General of the Department, stated that the project is in line with the local government’s strategy to encourage archaeological excavations in the emirate, as well as to preserve its traditional heritage as national treasures and showcase the region’s civilisation and history.

She noted that Umm Al Qaiwain has a rich and diverse heritage dating back thousands of years while the new site’s history goes back to the Neolithic period. The site is located in Mishri on a sandy hill, which was an ancient fishing settlement, she added.

Al Ghafly stressed that the mission’s organisation is based on years of excavation experience and time period specialisations and the employees of the department are participating in the foreign mission to supervise the excavation process.

Source: Emirates News Agency