KAMPALA, Feb 18 — THE minister of State for foreign affairs of the United Arab Emirates, Reem Al Hashimy has said that Uganda is “a beautiful” country that needs to be helped to realize its potential.

Hashimy also expressed shock about the limited marketing of Uganda to outside countries yet there is much that the country has to offer.

“Your country is beautiful but there is little information about it out there. Please open up to other places. There is little information about what exists in Uganda yet there is great potential here,” she said.

Hashimy is in Uganda for a two-day visit geared towards the preparations for the visit of Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayeed Al Hayhan, the Crown prince of Abu Dhabi in April.

Hashimy said that Dubai, a capital in UAE receives about 30m tourists every year yet it doesn’t have even half of what Uganda has in terms of tourism attractions.

“I highly urge you to operationalize your office in UAE and use it not only for tourism but also commerce,” she said.

Hashimy has come to Uganda with a delegation of UAE government officials and investors who have pledged to invest in tourism, energy, infrastructure, oil and other opportunities that Uganda will presents.

On Tuesday, Hashimy and her delegation had an interactive session with Ugandan stakeholders, where key sector players presented the investment opportunities to the UAE delegation.