UN delegation praises UAE’s efforts to protect, promote human rights

DUBAI, A delegation from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, OHCHR, thanked the Dubai Police for its efforts to protect and promote human rights.

The delegation, led by Mohammed Al Nassour, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Department of the OHCHR, made this statement while meeting Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr, Director-General of the Dubai Police Human Rights Department, to explore the country’s human rights efforts.

During the meeting, Brigadier Al Murr said that the UAE is a leading model for the protection of human rights while highlighting its key role in combatting humanitarian crimes and its keenness to fully adopt the principles of justice, equality and respect for human rights.

The UAE, since its establishment, has sought to build a community-based on justice, security and tolerance in an environment with many cultures and faiths, he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency