UNAMI: More than one million families will benefit from social and monetary programs throughout Iraq

BAGHDAD More than a million families will benefit from the social and cash programs across Iraq, the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said today.

“The World Bank Group today approved an emergency project to support social stability in Iraq worth 200 million dollars, aimed at improving the livelihoods of more than one million Iraqis in the liberated areas, and the emergency project will support citizens’ social stability and resilience, especially those most vulnerable to poverty, with cash support, short-term employment opportunities and other forms of social support. “

“With the rapid return of the Iraqi government to the liberated areas from Daesh organization, the project will support the government to provide social support to the population and returnees under the strategic roadmap for social protection in Iraq. The project will provide cash support and employment opportunities to some 150,000 families, and the project will also increase access to psychosocial services for more than 150,000 people who will receive mental health services and address the effects of violence against women and mitigate the effects of psychological conflict. At the same time, the project will support the development of social safety nets in the medium term, and provide support for livelihoods through the financing of small and small enterprises that will benefit about / 12 / thousand families. “

“This project is vital to ensure that Iraq reconstruction not only rebuilds traditional infrastructure, but also improves the lives of Iraqis and social stability,” said UNAMI’s Saruj Kumar Jah, the Regional Director of the Mashreq Department of the World Bank. “This project will support individuals and families with a view to addressing the effects of the recent conflict and helping communities start economic activity and create more jobs. “

“One of the key components of this project is to ensure that citizens are able to cope with current and future shocks,” said Ghassan Al-Khoja, World Bank’s Chief Social Protection Officer in Iraq and head of the project team, adding that this project will improve social safety net programs for 1.2 million families throughout Iraq will also allow families to invest in health and education and put an end to the legacy of poverty among generations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency