United Arab Emirates University receives Human Resource Management Certification

AL AIN, The Human Resources Development and Management programme at the United Arab Emirates University’s College of Business and Economics has been certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest Human Resources organisation.

The society developed the SHRM Human Resource Guidebook, which seeks to identify the key content areas to be studied by HR students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Prof. Rihab Mohammad Khalifa, Acting Dean, College of Business and Economics, praised the certification, which reflects the college’s relentless efforts and pursuit of distinction in the educational programmes it offers, its commitment to constant development, and support provided to its students to ensure they receive a world-class education and career development opportunities.

Prof. Rihab noted that this Academic Alignment is very beneficial for students majoring in the Business Administration concentration in Human Resources Development and Management, noting that it will enhance their career development opportunities by making them more eligible to earn their SHRM Certified Professional designation through SHRM’s Student Eligibility Programme.

As part of this programme, students who receive their HR degree from a college certified by SHRM as Academically Aligned are exempted from requirement of a minimum of three years of HR experience. Thus, granting them a career advantage as they enter the job market as HR professionals.

Dr. Rashed Alzahmi, Chair of Leadership and Organisational Agility Department at the College of Business and Economics, said the Academic Alignment would contribute to promoting partnerships, as the College of Business and Administration will become a SHRM Recertification Provider that is able to award PDCs for professional development activities and events offered to SHRM Certification credential-holders.

The Bachelor of Business Administration concentration in Human Resources Development and Management program was listed in SHRM’s Academic Institution Programme Directory, which is widely used by potential HR students. Moreover, the college will benefit from the opportunity to become an educational partner of the organisation and be able to offer SHRM certification preparation courses.

Source: Emirates News Agency