US ambassador Denies Sending US Troops To Protect Kirkuk, Confirms: What Happened Recently Is Transferring Military Equipment To Int’l Coalition Bases

BAGHDAD, The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, denied Washington’s dispatch of US troops to Kirkuk, stressing that the international coalition forces have been in Kirkuk and Hawija for a long time.

“The international coalition forces are in Kirkuk have been in Kirkuk for a long time and what happened in November 16 recently is movement and transfer of some military equipment to and from the military bases of the coalition in Kirkuk only,” Silliman said in response to a question by NINA. And There has been no dispatch of new US troops to Kirkuk, as some media have published.

On the fall of the F-16 aircraft, part of the US-Iraqi deal with 48 aircraft and how to compensate it, Silliman said a joint US-Iraqi investigation had been conducted to compensate the F-16 that fell during training in US territory. And two pilots were martyred.

He added, “The F-16 program is very difficult and intensive program and there is coordination between US forces and Iraqi forces. There are casualties and deaths in the training and we offer warm condolences to the victims’ families.

He noted that “the United States has made an effort to support Iraq in the field of armament more than its effort to sell.”

On the end of the Daesh page, Silliman warned of a battle of “new character” and the emergence of an insurgent in Iraq aims to breaking the security and stability through the bombings here and there, stressing that Iraq entered a new stage and requires a lot of work after the disappearance of Daesh, “noting that” Washington has great confidence in the ability of the Iraqi forces, and continues to support the ground forces. “

On the existence of an agreement between Washington and Baghdad on increasing or keeping US forces after defeating Daesh, Silliman said “There is no agreement in this regard, but there is a gradual reduction of US and coalition forces after the expulsion of Daesh from Iraq,” stressing “the absence of any Iraqi detainee in the US forces, and what some have reported about it is incorrect. “

As for the oil deals of the Kurdistan region, said Silliman “We are concerned about some of the deals made by the Kurdistan region in the oil field, but more importantly that the Iraqis see how to spend oil money, as we are working with the Ministry of Oil and the Kurdistan region to benefit from the oil’s funds “

On the US assistance to Iraq, the ambassador said that “there are invisible and indirect assistance during 2017, and the most in the military and armament, while on the humanitarian side, the aid was great for the displaced during the war against.”

He added that his country “provided $ 112 million for Demining and ERW clearance, as well as its intention to provide $ 150 million to the United Nations Development Program to restore stability in the liberated areas.”

“We support any government or Iraqi entity effort to fight corruption and we are working with the prime minister’s office to reduce the corruption,” he said. “You will see a reorientation of the government next year to restore stability in Iraq because we will return the displaced to their homes. “

He added, “We are working with Iraq and the government of Kuwait to restore stability in the liberated areas, because Kuwait is seeking to hold a conference in this regard.”

Silliman stressed “We encourage the private sector in Iraq and encourage investment projects and we support the attract of Iraqi investors to participate in supporting projects and investment within Iraq.

On the Prime Minister’s initiative to eliminate corruption, Silliman said: “We support the government efforts to reduce corruption in Iraq. We are working with the Economic Reform Unit in the Iraqi Council of Ministers to reduce the corruption through mutual cooperation. And we also support the Iraqi government in supporting the banking sector.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency