US Defense Secretary Recognizes The Role Of The Syrian Army In Eliminating Daesh

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – US Defense Secretary James Matisse said that “Daesh organization have been defeated in Syria, pointing out that” the war against Daesh is not over yet and the organization has not been eliminated completely. “

“It is clear today that Daesh is defeated, and I think that the fight against Daesh is not over yet, and you do not trust when someone says that ” Daesh “has been eliminated, and we continue to fight Daesh, and his fighters are fleeing and they cannot face our coalition led by the United State)”.

He added, “It is also clear that the Syrian and Russian forces are attacking them on the Euphrates side.”

At the same time, Matisse said that talks on the Syrian settlement in Geneva were a major goal for Washington, stressing that achieving this goal would take time.

He said the United States is trying to “stabilize the troubled region now.”

He accused the Iranian authorities again of their support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and expressed his disapproval of Washington’s policy aimed at deterring Iran by military means.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency