US National Security Advisor: We Are Committed To End The Problems Between Baghdad And Erbil To Keep Iraq Strong

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – Resolving the problems between Baghdad and Erbil is a key goal of the United States, US national security adviser Herbert McMaster said on Tuesday.

“Solving the problems between the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan region is a top priority for President Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson and the entire Trump administration team,” McMaster said at the annual Jamestown conference.

He added that “the current economic situation in the region is stalemate, but the move by the United States of America with the coalition countries in 1991, America stood beside them so as not to be subjected to violence and was the reason for the progress and the tremendous development that we are witnessing now in the cities of the Kurdistan region such as Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk , it was a miracle but it was achieved. “

He added that “America is committed to ending the outstanding problems between the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan region to keep Iraq strong, stressing that the US administration is also committed to work with leaders in the Kurdistan region and Iraqi leaders and trying to be mediator between the parties.”

He pointed out that “Washington is working to set limits to the negative effects of some neighboring countries in the region who want to take advantage of the existing tension to implement their interests.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency