US Official: Israel May Have Participated In The Attack On The HQs Of The Popular Mobilization In Iraq

BAGHDAD The US government has estimated that “Israel is likely to be involved in the attacks north of Baghdad,” referring to the attacks on the headquarters and weapons stores of the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, and these attacks are a reason to complicate the US relationship with Baghdad.

This is the first Israeli attack in Iraq in decades targeting the PMF.

A US official told CNN that the United States was looking at several possible scenarios, including Iran or its proxies, to carry out a “retaliatory attack.”

The United States refused to formally declare whether Israel was involved, but denied any responsibility for the strike, saying Iraq’s sovereignty must be respected.

The United States has about 5,200 troops in Iraq, helping Iraqi troops fight ISIS remnants.

A series of explosions rocked many other PMF military installations, but at this time, only the United States believes that Israel is responsible for one of these explosions. The official told CNN that other scenarios have caused other explosions, including bad practices regarding stores ammunition and explosives.

Asked about the possibility that Israel might be behind any of the strikes, Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson said, “We support Iraqi sovereignty and have repeatedly talked about any possible actions by neighbors that could lead to violence in Iraq. Iraqis have the right to control their own internal security and protect their democracy.

The US charge d’affaires at the US embassy in Baghdad was summoned by the foreign minister to discuss the incident, an Iraqi diplomat told CNN, adding that the Israeli strikes and US knowledge of them are “a possible game of change in the United States with regard to the relationship with Iraq.”

However, a State Department official denied that the US diplomat had been summoned, saying that “the meeting had been pre-determined” and that they met “to discuss a variety of issues.”

The Iraqi government also issued new restrictions on the use of Iraqi airspace in the aftermath of the blasts, regulations that affected the US-led military coalition in the fight against ISIS.

Israel has publicly acknowledged carrying out air strikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria, but has not yet admitted involvement in air strikes in Iraq.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to confirm or deny Israel’s responsibility for a series of attacks on mobilization positions in Iraq in recent weeks.

Asked if Israel was conducting operations in Iraq, Netanyahu, who is Israel’s defense minister said, we act in many arenas against a state that seeks to destroy us. Of course, the security forces have been instructed to do what is necessary to thwart these Iranian plans. “

The Israeli prime minister accused Iran of “trying to establish bases against Israel everywhere, in Iran itself, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen,” and Netanyahu added: “I do not give Iran immunity anywhere.”

The Pentagon also warned Iran against using “Iraqi territory to threaten other countries in the region,” Defense Department spokesman Robertson said in a statement. “Iran should not use Iraqi territory to threaten other countries in the region.” Iran’s destabilizing activities undermine Iraq’s security and increase the risk of outbreak of a regional conflict.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency