US$100 million,120 megawatt-power station launched by UAE in Aden

ADEN, The United Arab Emirates has established a 120-megawatt power station in Aden at a total cost of US$100 million to meet locals’ energy needs.

The station, powered by one of the world’s largest engine, is located in Al Haswa district and will start operation this October.

A UAE ship docked at Aden earlier today carrying the station which is provided by the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation as part of the UAE’s continued support for essential sectors in Yemen. It was received by the Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Al Maisari, Minister of Electricity Mubarak Al Tamimi, and Saeed Al Kaabi, UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen, along with a number of senior Yemeni officials.

“The power station will add a significant value to the energy infrastructure in Aden and neighbouring governorates,” said Al Maisari, who commended the colossal rehabilitation efforts made by the UAE to meet the basic needs of Yemenis in the recently liberated governorates and territories.

Al Kaabi said the UAE leadership is attaching paramount importance to the establishment of the power station in line with the efforts made to ease the suffering of the Yemenis from the acts of depredation perpetrated by the Iran-aligned Houthi militias.

Work will start on building two fuel storage tanks with a capacity of 5,000 cubic metres each to ensure the diesel-cum-gas-run station will operate for 14 consecutive days, he explained.

Source: Emirates News Agency