Various interactive activities at Greening Education Hub during COP28

The Greening Education Hub, under the theme ‘Legacy from the Land of Zayed’, located in the mobility district at Expo City Dubai, continues to attract visitors, including students and people from around the world who are interested in climate education. The Hub will remain open to all throughout COP28. It offers a range of interactive and entertaining activities designed to raise environmental awareness while combining knowledge, fun and practical benefits.

Visitors begin their experience at the Emirates Post stand where they receive special postcards bearing motivating environmental messages. They then collect stamps and prizes via an environmental journey through the Hub’s diverse areas. Afterwards, guests can visit three interactive platforms dedicated to highlighting the UAE’s environmental diversity.

At the first platform, they learn about Ghaf trees and their significance in the country’s ecosystem, a part of the UAE’s rich sustainability heritage. The second platform provides fascinating information
, designs, and competitions that focus on bees and their importance in maintaining ecological balance.

The third platform focuses on mangrove trees, which are considered one of the guardians of sustainability in the country. These platforms offer guests the chance to learn more about goal 15 of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs): Life on land, and its importance in confronting the risks of climate change.

Maitha Muhammad Taher, Event Executive at the Government Communication and Educational Media Department at the Ministry of Education, indicated that the visitors’ journey through the Greening Education Hub was designed with the aim of taking them through diverse and interesting experiences while simplifying environmental issues. It aims to enhance education’s role in promoting sustainability and combating climate change.

She added, ‘The Hub witnessed a remarkable turnout from visitors during the first days of COP28, especially from youth, students, and children, who showed a clear de
sire to deepen their understanding of environmental systems and the various elements that affect their stability.’

The Hub offers various interactive activities including the Sustainable Fibres event, which focuses on harnessing the potential of a single plant to provide more than 2,500 products. At this station, can benefit from various exciting experiences such as making jewellery, extracting oils, and sculpting with clay. The ‘Alef Metaverse’ programme opens the door for visitors to navigate the world of the metaverse and the limitless opportunities and possibilities it offers.

For younger visitors, the Greening Education Hub presents the ‘Estidama Craft’ game, which is a unique interactive world designed to encourage young people to learn about the concept of sustainability through immersive and exciting gaming experiences. The game was inspired by the UAE’s natural landscape and biodiversity. Additionally, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the SEE Institute, has dedicated a room to sustain
able research and education with the aim of providing valuable educational content on climate-related issues.

The number of visitors to the Greening Education Hub under the theme ‘Legacy from the Land of Zayed’ reached more than 3,500 visitors within two days of COP28’s launch, with 22 workshops, dialogue sessions, and events organised during the second day of the Hub’s opening.

Source: Emirates News Agency