Venezuela Seeks To Coordinate Between “OPEC” Countries To Rebalance Oil Market

BAGHDAD / The Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Relations Delcy Rodriguez confirmed that her country is working on coordination between the Petroleum Exporting Countries in the “OPEC” with taking into account the interests of oil-producing countries and the development of the global economy.

She said upon her arrival in Algeria that her country will continue to coordinate with various countries, particularly Algeria in order to “rebalance” the oil market and get a “real and sustainable price.”

Delcy Rodriguez is visiting Algeria, accompanied by Venezuelan Minister of Oil and Mines Nelson Martinez, in the framework of her tour to a number of countries within the monitoring agreements committee of OPEC.

With regard to relations between Venezuela and Algeria, she said that “there is friendship relation between Algeria and Venezuela, in addition to that they are members of OPEC and in the Non-Aligned Movement,” emphasizing they share the same policy which defends the right of peoples to sovereignty and freedom.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency