Voting Begins in Turkiye’s Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

Millions of voters started heading to the polls in Turkiye as the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections kicked off on Sunday morning.

More than 64.1 million people are registered to vote, including over 1.76 million who already cast their ballots abroad and 4.9 million first-time voters, Turkiye’s Anadolu Agency reported.

A total of 191,885 ballot boxes have been set up for voters in the country.

Every voter will be casting two ballots, one for the president and the other for parliamentarians, both of whom will serve five-year terms.

More than 30 political parties and over 150 independent parliamentary candidates will compete in the elections.

There are five multiparty blocs in the running: the People’s Alliance, Nation Alliance, Ancestral Alliance, Labor and Freedom Alliance, and Union of Socialist Forces Alliance.

Source: Qatar News Agency