War on Gaza “one manifestation” of horror brought by occupation, says FM, 2nd add

“Our position and the position of the Arab and Muslim delegation that there can be no Gaza alone. And there can be no security management of Gaza because we’ve seen what security management alone has done in the past,” Safadi reiterated.

“In 2002, the whole Arab world came out and said we are ready to have peace with Israel, we’re ready to have normal ties with Israel in return for Israel ending the occupation of occupied territories and moving towards a peace on the basis of the two state solution,” Safadi said.

He said, “What we want is for this war to stop and stop immediately, for the Palestinians to be protected, for adequate supplies to enter Gaza immediately, and for this conflict to end on the basis of a two-state solution in accordance with international law and agreed upon terms of reference.”

“Enough killing, enough destruction, enough war, enough conflict, and let us put our region on a path towards a just lasting peace that once again cannot be realized unless the Palestinian people realize t
heir legitimate rights to freedom, to statehood,” Safadi stressed.

“That is the task ahead it’s an enormous task but it’s a task with every single effort of every one of us because the alternative is more killing, more conflict, more destruction and more despair,” the foreign minister concluded.

Source: Jordan News Agency