Washington announces a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $600 million

The Pentagon’s Deputy Spokesperson, Sabrina Singh, announced today, Thursday, a new military aid package to Ukraine worth $600 million, which includes ammunition in addition to equipment to enhance the capabilities of air defenses.

“Today, the Department announced a new security assistance package through the Security Assistance for Ukraine initiative to support Ukraine’s needs on the battlefield.

This $600 million package includes equipment to enhance Ukraine’s air defenses, artillery munitions, and other capabilities.

According to the Spokeswoman, the package includes equipment to support and integrate Ukrainian air defense systems, additional ammunition for the “HIMARS” missile system, 105 mm artillery shells, electronic warfare equipment, demolition ammunition to clear obstacles, and mine-clearing equipment.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced during a visit to Kiev that the United States would provide Ukraine with an additional $1 billion in aid, including $665 million for military needs.

“We will continue to support Ukraine, and today we are announcing new aid worth $1 billion, including $665 million in new military and civil security assistance,” Blinken said, in a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart, on Wednesday.

The US Department of Defense (The Pentagon) announced the transfer of depleted uranium shells for the “Abrams” tanks to Ukraine./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency