Washington Extends Iraq’s Exemption To Import Electricity And Gas From Iran For Three More Months

Baghdad, The United States renewed, for the third time, the extension of Iraq’s 90-day exemption from its sanctions on Iran, which allows it to import electricity and gas on which it relies heavily, especially in the hot summer of the country.

“Iraq has got a new extension for 90-day to import Iranian energy after long negotiations with the United States until the last days before the expiry of the grace period,” a government official told a news briefing.

This comes after the escalation of the crisis between Washington and Tehran in the Gulf, both of which have strong relations with Baghdad.

The exemption is vital for Iraq, which is located in an with high temperature in summer, where temperatures this year exceed seasonal levels, increasing electricity consumption and fearing renewed protests against the lack of public services starting early in the summer.

Washington re-imposed sanctions on Iran’s energy sector in November last year after its withdrawal from nuclear deal signed between the superpowers and Tehran in 2015.

Iraq imports up to 28 million cubic meters of natural gas from Tehran to its factories, and directly buys 1,300 megawatts of Iranian electricity .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency