WHO praises ERC efforts in Yemen

ADEN– The World Health Organisation, WHO, has praised the UAE’s aid in Yemen via its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, and expressed its thanks to the country’s efforts and support.

Whittaker Stapski, team lead of Operations Support and Logistics at the WHO Aden office, praised the UAE’s cooperation with the health organisation to assist Yemenis in liberated areas. He described the ERC’s cooperation as constructive and positive, ensuring that the two entities were able to deliver necessary aid to those in need.

WHO, with support from the ERC, last week began to distribute aid and medical supplies to 20 health centres across ten different Yemeni governorates, in the presence of the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Yemen, Dr. Ali Al-Walidi. Distribution of essential supplies also reached 12 liberated regions in the country.

Aid and medicinal supplies were delivered to Al Shahr and Tarim medical centres in Hadramaut, the Marib General Hospital, medical centres in Al Khobar, Mahfoud and Loder in Abyan, and the Mocha General Hospital in Taiz.

The UAE through the Emirates Red Crescent continues its humanitarian assistance across all liberated areas in Yemen.

Total UAE aid provided to Yemen between April 2015 and November 2017 reached AED9.4 billion, or US$2.56 billion.

Source: Emirates News Agency