Windsor Brokers (Palestine) Limited Financial Brokerage Company and the Palestine Stock Exchange signed today its membership agreement in the stock exchange, thus becoming the tenth operating financial brokerage company authorized to practice and practice financial brokerage activities and services based on the decision of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority issued On 08/16/2023, by agreeing to grant it a license to practice brokerage activity on behalf of others.

The agreement was signed by a representative of the Palestine Stock Exchange, its General Manager, Mr. Nihad Kamal, while Windsor Brokers (Palestine) was represented by a member of its Board of Directors, Mr. Iyad Abu Mizer, in the presence of its General Manager, Mr. Anan Al-Koni, and in the presence of a number of members of the administrative team from both sides, at the Palestine Stock Exchange headquarters in the city of Nablus.

Thus, Windsor Brokers (Palestine) will launch its work locally in parallel with completing the necessary preparations to begin work in the field of providing financial brokerage services to clients and investors later this year 2023, and after fulfilling the procedural conditions and legal standards, and granting it the powers to practice financial brokerage activities authorized by The Capital Market Authority, based on the Authority’s Board of Directors’ approval of a license to practice brokerage activity on behalf of others, in accordance with the provisions of Article (7) of the Capital Market Authority Law No. (13) of 2004.

For his part, the General Manager of the Palestine Exchange, Nihad Kamal, welcomed the membership of Windsor Brokers in the stock exchange, noting that this is a positive matter in order to contribute to the development of the market and keep pace with modern investment tools and products, adding that with the presence of companies known for their experience in neighboring markets such as Windsor Brokers, it will be an important addition Quality and effective for our financial market and its shareholders and investors, and we hope to work together to achieve more market stability by expanding the investor base and providing more trading and investment tools.

For his part, the General Manager of Windsor Brokers (Palestine), Mr. Anan Al-Koni, expressed his happiness at the launch of the company’s work in Palestine, praising the cooperation of the Stock Exchange and the Authority in the process of completing the necessary procedural requirements. He said that we are happy today to sign this important agreement, which allows us to begin providing our services in accordance with The highest standards of efficiency, integrity and transparency that guarantee the interests of investors and their right to grow their financial returns, adding that we hope to live up to the expectations of all our clients in providing the best innovative and modern services and tools and the best financial and investment practices, and we are ready to work with all partners, especially the Stock Exchange and the Authority, for the sake of an investment environment. Trading is safe, modern and stimulating for investors.

A company with long experience

Windsor Brokers has long-standing experience in providing financial and investment services in many markets, and with its entry into the local market, it will work to expand its client base in Palestine and attract investors based on its reliable expertise in providing the finest services and providing the best investment tools, in addition to working to provide investment opportunities that It responds to their needs and aspirations in managing their money in accordance with professional practices and standards of efficiency and transparency in working to achieve meaningful returns for them under the direct supervision of the Capital Market Authority and the Palestine Stock Exchange.

It is noteworthy that Windsor Brokers (Palestine) is part of the regional and international Windsor Brokers Group, which was established in 1988, and its vision is based on expanding the client base, investing in technology and human capital, protecting investors’ funds and enabling them to access international markets while ensuring standards of transparency and integrity. And efficiency. Today, the group is active and carries out its activities and services in many global markets. It is worth noting that the group has licenses from affiliated bodies in several countries such as Jordan, Kenya, Cyprus, Belize, and Seychelles, while it manages its investment activities and financial services in accordance with the sound laws and procedures followed in the countries in which it operates. It works

Source: Maan News Agency