With the participation of Iraq.. The start of meetings of the Implementation and Follow-up Committee at the Arab League

BAGHDAD, The meetings of the Implementation and Follow-up Committee at the Arab League were held in the Egyptian capital Cairo in the 46th meeting, with the participation of a delegation from the Ministry of Commerce headed by the Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations Adel Khudair Abbas.

A Ministry statement quoted Abbas as saying that “the agenda included six important items, the first being to follow up the implementation of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area and the second item on discussing the report of the General Secretariat on the periodic reports to follow up the Greater Arab Free Trade Area.”

“The third item concerns the terms of reference for the study of the project of establishing an Arab electronic portal to facilitate transport and trade, in addition to the report of the Secretariat on the developments of the Arab Initiative for Food Safety and Trade Facilitation.” The fifth item included the technical support provided to the Arab Free Trade Area Major and commercial treatments “.

It is hoped that “the meeting will continue for four days starting from this Saturday and ends on Tuesday,” noting that after one day , the extraordinary meeting of the Economic and Social Council at the level of senior officials will be held, and after it at the ministerial level to be held on Thursday 20/12/2018, with the presence of Minister of Commerce Mohammed al-Ani. “

Source: National Iraqi News Agency