Yemeni Army takes control over strategic locations between Lahej, Taiz

Supported by the Arab Coalition Forces, the Yemeni Army seized control over strategic locations previously held by Houthi militias in Al Sharija area, between Lahej and Taiz.

Locations already seized from the Iran-backed militias include Jabel Hamala, Al Hashma and Al Central, which are considered key positions overlooking the route linking between Al Sharija and Al Rahda, in Taiz.

In the meantime, the Yemeni army along with the Security Belt Forces and the Yemeni Resistance launched ground-cum-air attacks, supported by the Arab Coalition Forces’ heavy vehicles and air bombardment that enabled the Yemeni national forces to secure significant advances towards Karsh and Hamala fronts, dealing heavy blows against the Houthi militias’ bastions and inflicting heavy human and material damage.

Al Sharija is the eastern entry point toward Taiz Governorate and its liberation is most likely to lead to more defeats for the coup perpetrators at other fronts, not to mention its impact on easing the siege staged by the militias on Taiz.

The Arab Coalition’s jets targeted Houthi positions, detaining a number of their militants and seizing a large number of military caches and depots.

Source: Emirates News Agency