Zahraa Al-Bajari to / Nina /: We stand with the demands of the establishment of the Region of Basra as the only solution to redress the province and its people

Basra, The MP for the province of Basra Zahraa Al- Bajari confirmed her stand with the demands of the people of Basra to establish “the Region of Basra” as the only solution to redress Basra and its people.

She said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) on Friday, “despite the demands of the Basra MPs to the province of the Ministries of Oil and Transport as most departments of these Ministries are located in Basra, as well as the existence of competencies and professional expertise and management working in these Ministries, but the Prime Minister’s cabin did not give Basra its right.

Al-Bajari criticized the “position of the political blocs that cry a lot on Basra and its injustice to disregard the rights of the province,” indicating that Basra is the economic lung of Iraq and need to restore infrastructure as a major source of oil exports and must be justified and make it a city comparable to developed cities in neighboring countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency