Zaki Nusseibeh praises UAEU’s innovative achievements

AL AIN, Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh, Cultural Advisor to His Highness the President of the UAE and Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) praised the University’s pioneering and innovative achievements during the month ‘UAE Innovates 2022’.

He offered his congratulations to faculty, instructors, administrative staff, scientists and researchers, and students for their efforts in organising a wide range of events and competitions on the theme of innovation, both at the UAEU campus and at the UAEU Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

He said, “the University community has demonstrated great team spirit in their work and has placed the UAEU, as ‘The University of the Future’ under the spotlight. We have shown our leadership in research and development, our capacity to innovate and our determination to serve the development and progress of the UAE.”

He expressed his pride in the pioneering innovations and standards of excellence in evidence, as these highlight the rich educational environment offered by the UAEU. He said, “Our work aligns with the vision of the country’s wise leadership and our national aspirations. Our students will graduate with the skills of innovation and creativity that are necessary to address the local and global challenges and drive forward our nation’s ambition to become a global hub for innovation within the next 50 years. They are the future generations who will be capable of using their disciplinary knowledge in innovative ways, to pursue and advance the global change and technological development we witness daily”.

He said, “The UAEU’s strategy prioritizes the preparation of a generation of innovators who will contribute to human wellbeing and development, advance the UAE’s reputation for creativity and excellence, and harness every resource and opportunity for the purpose of innovation. They will translate their efforts to create a reality that will enable the renewal of society and the strengthening of our nation.

The Chancellor ended on a note of appreciation to the UAEU community. He said, “We take pride in our distinguished cadre of faculty, researchers, students, and administrative staff. They work cooperatively and with solidarity as a family, to achieve creative projects and advanced innovations. Their efforts advance the University’s mission and purpose, generating scientific research and advanced technological innovation. Their achievements are evidence that the UAEU offers an environment that fosters innovation, produces innovators, and upholds standards of excellence. They are partners and pioneers in the development of our beloved nation”.

Source: Emirates News Agency