ZHO launches new community service for blind and deaf people of determination

ABU DHABI, “Wasfat” (Prescriptions), is a new community initiative launched by the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO), to facilitate the deaf and blind people of determination’s access to medicines via means of communication appropriate for them, and to explain its instructions for use in sign languages for the deaf and Braille for the blind.

The ZHO signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, and the Medicina Pharmacies Group, to provide medical prescriptions in ways that are appropriate for people of determination with the use of information technology and data management to improve the business environment.

The tripartite MoU was signed virtually by the ZHO’s Secretary-General, Abdulla Abdulalee Alhumaidan, Reyada’s Executive Director, Dr. Atef Al-Shaer, and Medicina’s CEO, Abdul Rauf El Jabour Al-Jabour, in the presence of several officials from the three sides.

The initiative aims to uphold the people of determination’s independent living principle for using medicines and drugs through a safe delivery system. It also explains the dosage through the systems of communication they are familiar with, to ensure minimal contact with strangers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the tripartite cooperation, instructions for the dosages are prepared in Braille and sign language videos, in addition to communication with the deaf in sign language for medical consultations, as well as launching a sign language hotline to serve the deaf via visual communication applications, along with a sign language interpreter to provide the necessary support and advice and dispense medicines with the required labels and illustrative videos.

Medicines will also be delivered to the homes of people of determination, with an illustration in Braille and sign language on their usage. It targets people of determination with visual impairments in Abu Dhabi, estimated at nearly 950, and people of determination with hearing impairment in Abu Dhabi, estimated at nearly 1,300. At a later stage, the initiative will include all groups of people of determination in Abu Dhabi and across the country.

Abdulla Alhumaidan, said, “The ZHO has always been keen to launch and support various initiatives that serve all groups of people of determination. ‘Wasfat’ is aimed at serving the order and delivery of medicines and explaining how to use them in the appropriate languages for people of determination in sign language and Braille.”

He added that people of determination with visual impairments have problems reading the dosage instructions, in Arabic and English, and have to ask family members or others for help. People of determination with hearing impairments, especially those who are illiterate, find it difficult to read the instructions, when it is not in sign language.

With this MoU, Medicina Pharmacies Group is working on developing the mechanism of action according to the ZHO’s requirements, launching the updated characteristics and additions, training staff, patients and family members to take advantage of the new initiative, ensuring smooth order and delivery of medicines, dispensing medicines with labels in Braille and the required guiding videos in sign language, and providing the necessary consultations for the use of medicines after dispensing.

On behalf of Medicina Group of Pharmacies, Dr. Abdul Rauf El Jabour, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are honoured to be in line with the strategies of the UAE government and we are proud to be part of this initiative that improves the life for people who face audio-visual challenges.”

“We will extend our services and deliver the medications to their respective residences throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi covering Abu Dhabi City, Al Dhafrah Region and Al Ain City.

“With our partners, ZHO and Reyada Management of Medical Facilities, we declare that we will devote all our efforts to raise and enhance the wellbeing of this community, to ensure an integrated community, free from any barriers, which empowers the people of determination and guarantees their right to a dignified life in alignment with the vision of the Ministry of Community Development,” he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency