Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Rome holds a commemorative ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of the genocide against the Yezidis

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq held a ceremony in Rome on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the genocide that took place against the Yezidis in the Sinjar area, in the presence of Italian Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Emmanuelle del Rey.

Ambassador Ahmed Bamrani delivered a speech on the occasion, in which he recalled the atrocities committed against the Yazidi component by elements of the terrorist organization, in a way that witnessed the history of Iraq only in the crime of genocide committed by the former Anfal regime against the Kurds. The ambassador referred to the crimes of the terrorist organization by selling the Yezidis cheaply and exposing the adult women and children to murder, torture and using the worst means to abuse them.

The ambassador praised the efforts of the international coalition, including Italy, to assist Iraq in its war against the terrorist organization and its defeat. In his speech, the ambassador called for the trial of the criminals of the terrorist organization Linalo for the genocide they committed against the Yezidis. The Yazidis before the arrival of the criminal organization to their regions as well as the painful moments experienced by the arrival of the terrorist organization and the crimes committed against them. She praised the efforts of the Iraqi army in defeating a supporter of a terrorist, stressing the need to be cautious of him despite his defeat militarily. Re said that cooperation with Iraq will be a priority for her and that she is pursuing the matter by virtue of her position as Deputy Foreign Minister.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs