French Interior Ministry: The number of detainees during the protests yesterday amounted to 1723 people

Baghdad, The French Interior Ministry announced that “the number of detainees in the Paris demonstrations of the” yellow jackets “on Saturday amounted to 1723 people.

According to “France 24”, the French Interior Ministry announced on Sunday, December 9, in a statement, that “the number of people arrested in the Paris demonstrations on Saturday was 1,723 people.”

The French authorities announced on Saturday evening that 118 demonstrators and 17 security forces were injured as protests by the “yellow jackets” group continued throughout the country against tax policies, praising the security forces’ handling of the demonstrators.

For his part, said French Prime Minister, Edward Philip, “I salute the good preparation by the security forces, thank all those who contributed to the development of the security plan that succeeded,” adding that “the dialogue is on the table with the protesters,” and “President Macaron will speak to put the cornerstone of dialogue “.

In his first comment, French President Emmanuel Macaron thanked the French police and said in a tweet via Twitter: “To all the forces of the system mobilized today, thank you for the extraordinary courage and professionalism you have shown.”

The “yellow jackets” continue to move for the fourth week in a row despite the government’s decision to increase fuel taxes and eliminate them altogether. The movement calls for improving living conditions, reducing taxes and finding a solution to the decline in purchasing power. They also ask French President Emmanuel Macaron to listen to them accusing him of “arrogance”.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency