Saudi Crown Prince: America Has Committed Two Mistakes In Iraq

BAGHDAD, IRAQ Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that the United States of America has committed two mistakes in Iraq.

In an interview with the Times, Saudi Crown Prince said, “I think that America made two mistakes. The first is to enter Iraq. It is a grave mistake, because the United States should have stopped after completing the mission in Afghanistan and focus on how to transform Afghanistan from a weak state to a normal state,”

He added, “The second mistake is the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and the disbanding Iraqi army. These are the two major mistakes that have caused other problems in the Middle East.”

On the Syrian side, Mohammed bin Salman said “I do not know if some people will get angry when I answer that question, but I do not lie. I think lying to people is shameful, especially in 2018. It is almost impossible to hide anything from people, I think Bashar is staying for now, and Syria is part of Russian influence in the Middle East for a very long time.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency