The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption discusses ending the control measures in the file of oil smuggling and anti-drug measures

The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption held its 14th session under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the presence of members of the Council. “

“The council discussed the measures to end the control measures in the smuggling of oil, and the Interior Ministry was instructed to provide a timetable for anti-narcotics measures,” a statement by the Prime Minister’s Information Office said.

The Council listened to the report of the Integrity Commission on those covered by the disclosure of financial disclosure, where it revealed a large number of officials of the Iraqi state did not submit their data up to 265 people.

The Council also reviewed the report of the Integrity Commission regarding the subject of auditing the work of real estate registration departments and cases of manipulating the property of citizens and the state and the citizen is subjected to extortion and took several decisions in this regard.

The Council also reviewed a report submitted by the Supreme Judicial Council on the position of the issues of integrity of all appellate areas throughout Iraq.

The Council stressed the importance of completing partnerships with international and local organizations concerned with the fight against corruption in a way that enhances the level of Iraq and its international classification.

The Council discussed the new mechanism used in the printing of textbooks in the Ministry of Education and its role in stopping the large waste of money and the opportunity to the private sector and involvement.

While the Council had completed the consultations on the five-year anti-corruption strategy for adoption.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency