UAE University, Fujairah Research Centre conduct research on Fujairah water resources

AL AIN, The National Water and Energy Centre at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), in cooperation with the Fujairah Research Centre and the Fujairah Environment Authority, conducted water resources-related studies in the Emirate of Fujairah.

This research aligns with the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 to ensure the sustainability of water during natural conditions and extreme emergency conditions. It also aligns with the UAE’s applicable laws and the specifications of the World Health Organisation, and it contributes to the prosperity and progress of society and the sustainability of the growth of the national economy.

The research team conducted several field visits to more than 215 wells and field sites. These studies and research are expected to do a complete assessment of water resources in the emirate.

Prof. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said, “The UAEU pays great attention to research activities for the sustainability of water resources in the country and region. Therefore, the university supports this research project being conducted by the National Water and Energy Centre and funded by the Fujairah Research Centre.”

The university also identified water as a strategic research priority for the strategic plan 2023-2026. It enables scientific research to contribute to the development goals through various funding programmes. In addition, research programmes are linked to academic programmes to enhance research outcomes and to meet societal needs.

Dr. Mohsen Sharif, Project Manager said, “The centre contributes effectively to the studies and the development of solutions that contribute to the sustainability of water resources and the preservation of the environment.”

Dr. Dalal Al Shamsi, Director of the National Water and Energy Centre, added, “This field activity comes within a series of visits to the site to reach the desired results of the research project.”

Dr. Fouad Al Amghari, Director of the Fujairah Research Centre, emphasised the programme’s importance in training young professionals in the emirate on water and energy.

Asilah Al Mualla, Director of the Fujairah Environment Agency, said that this project aligns with the strategic plan of the emirate to preserve water resources and develop a sustainable environment.

The National Water and Energy Centre is a research centre at the UAEU and provides applied scientific research, environmental impact assessment studies and consultations on the sustainability of water resources and energy.

The centre evaluates and supports water and energy-related information in the country, in partnership with government institutions and national and local bodies, by analysing data and statistics and conducting scientific research to enhance the decision-making process and achieve the sustainability of water and energy resources in the country.

Source: Emirates News releases